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The technical department offers customers a specialist’s support in every phase of the development and projection process: from the finalization of the drawing with the possibility to make a 3D-Prototype, to the choice of materials, passing through the evaluation of the new product’s performances and behavior in the specific environment of the complete project.
By customer’s approval on the development of a new article, a new extrusion mold is crafted and the first sampling takes place. Specially in this stage improvements on the esthetics of the profile are applied, refining and perfecting, if necessary, the finish and the optic.
In every step of the production process, strict quality controls are warranted, by the sampling and measurements method. The profiles are tested with high-technologic of control:

  • ELECTRONIC MICROSCOPE (it measures the product’s thicknesses and also the layer/distribution of the applied coextrusion).
  • LIGHT ANALYZER (means to measure the intensity of the output light).
  • XENON (Used to precisely simulate the effects of weathering, so to tell mechanical and optical alterations).

The great Know-How in matter of coextrusion, allows GI PLAST to realize variegated finishes using POLYCARBONATE, PMMA, PS, ABS, and PVC resins, satisfying all customer’s requests in term of esthetic and functionality, through flexibility and innovation.

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