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Geometry, shape and content

In offices and crowded places, light has to be anywhere but still without being disturbing.

For this reason the UGR-standard has been introduced, a parameter that gives an idea about how light can be glaring, so to produce functional lamps for any application.

At the same time, this standard compels lighting designer to change color temperature and LED power, so to be complying with said standard. This has a negative influence on beauty and efficiency for lamps.

To get the most out of any LED, and to restore brightness, we created GLARE CONTROL.

Transparent and microprismatic profiles, with highest light transmission and a beautiful geometric effect. GLARE CONTROL complies with UGR standard, but its efficiency is far way augmented: the light transmission is of 90% and light shines brighter than ever.

On demand, this particular profile can be combined with LED CONTROL achieve a softer light.

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